What will be the major challenges for IT security in 2021?
The major challenges for IT security in 2022?

In 2022, there’s no reason to relax your vigilance: in this post-Covid-19 era, cyber threats have never been more numerous. From telecommuting to new attacks to the challenges of the e-commerce explosion, Quicksetupnow’s experts take a look at the major IT security challenges of the year ahead. The new challenges of remote work The pandemic

Be Safe While Buying Online : Shopping Security for Beginners
Be Safe While Buying Online : Shopping Security for Beginners

Continuous growth in the popularity of online shopping sites increases the risk of cyber crimes. Huge numbers of fraudsters are targeting customers to earn money from wrongful means. If you don’t want to one of them then it is necessary to take some precautions starting with buying only from trusted websites like amazon.com and consulting

From Pencil to digital illustration styles

To start drawing digitally, it is necessary to know how to draw in pencil. You need to make sketches by hand in a traditional way. You can start your digital drawing when you have the sketch drawn by hand. You need to know the illustration drawing techniques. Also, you should look for references for positions

Keep Your Kids Safe On The Internet in 2020

As a parent, you’ve probably warned your kids many times about the dangers of talking to strangers but have you warned them about the dangers that lurk on the internet? Here are five ways to help keep your kids safe online. Communication Explain to your kids what kind of dangers they need to watch out

2020 Internet Security Tips

Internet is a biggest and most powerful source of information. Internet security matters a lot more than usual security concerns. Internet is too vast so there are more chances to get trapped. Therefore, if you work on Internet you must be aware of all possible security measures which may keep you as well as your

Cell Phone Lookup Still The Perfect Solution?

Generally, a call from a mysterious phone number creates a bit anxiety and nervousness in your mind. This becomes more complicated when a person is receiving nonstop calls from the stranger. Therefore, do you need an ideal solution right away? If yes, you will actually need to patch up with a systematically professional and keen

Types of Security

When a person uses the internet then he must have to do something for maintaining the appropriate security level for his computer. The reason is that there are different kinds of spyware, malware, virus etc which can affect the performance of your computer. When you communicate on internet or transfer some data through internet then

Network Layer Security

Network layer security comprises of different protocols that enhance the security of communication on the internet. These protocols are nothing but are some set of rules that identify how a message is being transferred between different computers. You may know that when the message is exchanged on then internet then the chances of some threats

Is Your Laptop’s Wireless Connection Secure ?

If you’ve got a wireless router to let you use your laptop anywhere in your house or your office, there are some things you need to do to make sure it’s not accessible to anyone within range. Even if you don’t really care if someone else uses your connection to get internet access, you need