As a parent, you’ve probably warned your kids many times about the dangers of talking to strangers but have you warned them about the dangers that lurk on the internet? Here are five ways to help keep your kids safe online.


Explain to your kids what kind of dangers they need to watch out for on the internet. Set some rules that they need to follow, such as never sharing any personal information with anyone, tell you if something happens that makes them uncomfortable, and never meet someone in person who they’ve met online without your permission.

Be Watchful

Keep an eye on your kids when they’re online. Put the computer in a “public” spot in your house – a family room for example. They’re much less likely to be doing something they shouldn’t this way, compared to having their computer in their bedroom behind a closed door.

Parental Control Software

kids safety online

Parental control software will limit access to certain types of websites or other content that is objectionable. This software is not 100% foolproof but it will filter a great deal of what you don’t want your kids to see.

Key Logging Software

The other option is software that keeps a log of everything your kids type. It can track chat sessions, websites visited, email sent and more. If you use this, it’s best to let your kids know you’re doing so. Explain to them that you’re not spying on them but you want them to be careful of what they do online.

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Communication again

Did I already mention this? Communication is the most important aspect of keeping your kids safe online. Help them to understand why you’re concerned and what kind of dangers are out there, and they’ll be safer for it.

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