What will be the major challenges for IT security in 2021?

In 2022, there’s no reason to relax your vigilance: in this post-Covid-19 era, cyber threats have never been more numerous. From telecommuting to new attacks to the challenges of the e-commerce explosion, Quicksetupnow’s experts take a look at the major IT security challenges of the year ahead.

The new challenges of remote work

The pandemic has considerably accelerated the digital transition of companies, and has made teleworking widespread. This revolution has many impacts that go far beyond the adoption of telecommuting tools. The IT infrastructure of enterprises must be redesigned to reflect this new decentralized organization. Identity and access management and data protection measures must be strengthened. The human aspect must not be forgotten: companies, accompanied by trusted IT service providers, must make their employees aware of the new risks and good practices.

The multiplication of threats

Cyber attacks have loved containment: Google estimates that in March 2020, phishing attempts increased by 350%.

Not only are hackers multiplying attacks, but they are using increasingly sophisticated techniques, especially in the area of ransomware.

The other major risk of 2021 is deep fakes, videos and recordings faked by artificial intelligence, which are extremely difficult to detect.

They are used, for example, in “president frauds”, scams in which a hacker pretends to be the CEO of a company and demands a bank transfer. In this context, there is a need to strengthen verification and authentication devices.

5G and the Internet of Things

While 5G has begun its deployment in most region of the world, the Internet of Things is gaining momentum.

Telemedicine, autonomous vehicles, smart cities and buildings… the attack surface is growing considerably. Cyber hackers will take advantage of these new vulnerabilities, with potentially disastrous consequences.

The importance of choosing a trusted IT partner

In 2022, more than ever, it is essential for businesses to be accompanied by a trusted IT management company.

At Quicksetupnow, we use state-of-the-art tools to protect our clients, but we go beyond technology. We also have the human skills to implement truly tailored solutions, as well as to educate and train employees.

When it comes to cybersecurity, the human factor is essential: together, we will be able to meet the major challenges of this new year.

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