When a person uses the internet then he must have to do something for maintaining the appropriate security level for his computer.

The reason is that there are different kinds of spyware, malware, virus etc which can affect the performance of your computer.

When you communicate on internet or transfer some data through internet then these dangerous programs installed automatically and without getting your consent.

So in order to arrange a protective shield for your computer you must know about the different types of securities which are available for your computer’s protection.

Malicious software and antivirus:

Network layer security:

You can secure the communication on internet with the network layer security. This type of security is designed to give protection to you by using TCP/IP.   There are different kinds of cryptographic methods and protocols which are developed for this purpose. For example, for securing network layer IPsec protocol is used while for email protection PGP protocol is made.

  • IPsec Protocol is most effective protocol the purpose of which to provide the safe and secure communication on the internet. It is actually the set of security extensions which are intended to enhance the security and authentication at IP layer and this is made possible by transforming the date through cryptography technique. The different security services offered by such protocols are access control, data origin integrity, protection against replays, and confidentiality.
  • In order to secure the e-mail procedure is made confidential with the mean of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) that is another protocol which uses the cryptography algorithm in different ways to protect the transmission of data files. Email signing and message body encryption methods are used together to maintain the integrity of message while encrypting the transmissions method is utilized when two organizations want to protect the emails which they send to each other on the daily basis.
  • The task Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) is to change non-ASCII data at the sender’s site into Network Virtual Terminal (NVT) ASCII data and then to send it delivers it to client’s (SMTP) via the Internet. When the server of SMTP receives this NVT ASCII data, it sends it to MIME and thereby this process continues.  It is a safe and secure way of sending and receiving email.


It is very famous internet security program that control the access between the networks and also serve as an intermediary server between SMTP and HTTP connections. Each firewall has different gateways and filters through which it screens out the network traffic both incoming and outgoing. Additionally, Firewall has the power to block that network traffic that is harmful for the computer.

Malicious software and antivirus:

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Malicious software is program that destroys the structure of a computer and also proves harmful for the data and files of internal network system. In order to protect the computer from different kinds of malware such as viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, and worms an antivirus program is used. Antivirus is a well know internet security program that is designed to detect and remove the viruses from the computer.

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